• For Steel, Aluminum, Plastic or Wood material uses
  • Harden or unharden (soft)


Product Description

Material A2, A4, 18-8, SUS410, SUS440
Thread size M2.2 to M6.3
Length 5mm to 200 mm
Recess type Phil, Pozi, Torx, Slotted, Hex, Combo etc.
Head type Indented hex washer, Pan, Flat, Oval, Round washer, Bugle, Modified Truss etc.
Thread type 60 or 40 degree thread, single or twin lead
Point sharp, cone, as-rolled end, chamfered end, taper, drill, Type 17 etc.
Finish Passivate, or Ruspert coating
Standard IFI, DIN or customized designs available
Others Drywall screw, Self-drilling screw, Self-tapping screw, Machine screw, Chipboard screw, Thread rolling screw, Plastic screw, Terrace screw etc.